1937 - PRESTITO REDIMIBILE 5% - CARTELLA 100 LIRE SERIE F - ROMA  (Vittorio Emanuele III, marrone)

1937 - PRESTITO REDIMIBILE 5% - CARTELLA 100 LIRE SERIE F - ROMA (Vittorio Emanuele III, marrone)

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The loan consisted of bearer folders with a fixed interest rate of 5 per cent. The folders were available in denominations ranging from 100 to 20,000 lire, allowing individuals and entities of any kind to subscribe according to the value of their property. The issuance of this loan was regulated by a decree, according to which owners of land or buildings located in the Kingdom of Italy were required to subscribe to the loan to the extent of 5% of the value of the property.


Subscription to the loan was open to the public from 2 January 1937 to 20 January 1938. During this period, people could go to the appropriate offices and purchase bearer cards according to their financial means. The image of Victor Emmanuel III, then King of Italy, was probably present on the loan documents as a sign of authority and guarantee.

The Prestito Redimibile of 1937 at 5% represented a form of public financing involving both property owners and the general public. Through this loan, the Italian government sought to mobilise financial resources to finance military operations and develop settlements in Italian East Africa.

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