BTP NOVENNALI SERIE 08/1973 - 100000 LIRE ROMA 1964
BTP NOVENNALI SERIE 08/1973 - 100000 LIRE ROMA 1964

1964 - BUONI DEL TESORO NOVENNALI 5% - 100.000 LIRE - ROMA (Romolo e Remo nutriti dalla lupa, marrone)

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The five-year five per cent bearer Treasury bonds issued by the Italian Republic under Law No. 1197 of 21 August 1963 and Ministerial Decree of 18 March 1964 are financial instruments issued by the Italian government to finance its activities. These bonds were designed by E. Pizzi and engraved by A. Quiti. Moreover, the image on the bonds is taken from the painting by P. Paolo Rubens entitled 'Romulus and Remus being fed by the she-wolf'.


Nine-year 5% Treasury bonds were fixed-rate bonds issued for a period of nine years, with an interest rate of 5%. This meant that investors who bought these bonds received 5% annual interest on the invested capital. In addition, Treasury bonds could also offer premiums, which represented additional value for investors.

Bearer Treasury Bonds were physical financial instruments that could be transferred by physical delivery of the security. The denominations of 5 per cent nine-year Treasury bonds ranged from 5,000 to 1,000,000 Italian lire. At the time of issue, these bonds were denominated in Italian lira, which was Italy's national currency before the adoption of the euro.

As bearer bonds, the nine-year Treasury bonds could be traded on the secondary market, allowing investors to buy them or sell them to other investors. At the end of the nine-year period, investors received repayment of the invested principal along with accrued interest.

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